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Video: On the Fence About a Video? It Might Not be as Bad as You Think.

Published: 07/06/2016

It is now an undisputed fact that video is becoming the prominent means to engage with customers. Numerous studies have predicted that by 2017, nearly seventy five percent of all internet traffic will be video and since more and more marketing strategies (and budgets) are focusing on digital marketing initiatives… you can see where this is going.

There are a lot of small and mid-size companies out there scratching their heads, wondering how they’re going to get in the game when resources are limited and budgets are tight. The perception of a large production, exorbitant costs and time constraints needed for the recording of people, places and things are not as pronounced as they once were. In some instances, they’re still applicable, but with the advancement in digital media and the explosion of digital content, there are many more ways to create a “Video” to help launch a product, strengthen a brand or promote a campaign.

The Graphics Company (TGC) is adept at helping clients overcome these hurdles to create engaging, affordable videos. Quite often the client has assets from existing marketing initiatives that can be combined with newly created content, stock footage, graphic art, audio, etc. to help create a video that can cost much less than the traditional method.

Through the creative process, storyboards are designed and refined. Once a clear path has been defined and all assets from the client are collected, the magic of video editing makes your message clear, concise and engaging.

You’ve overcome obstacles and have your video, now what? There are so many media outlets available, what’s right for your business? Well, that’s another article all together…look for future TGC Insights!

To see samples of some of the video projects TGC has created for its customers, please go to our portfolio.

Written by:
Michael G Giblin